About Us


Founded in 2017, Rapid Capital was formed to fill a void in the Canadian market place for non-dilutive early stage capital. Entrepreneurs in Canada struggle with the lack of institutional funding needed to bring innovation to market and as a result lack the necessary investment and speed to compete with their counterparts.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development Program (SR&ED)

Fortunately, the Federal Government’s SR&ED Program is a great incentive for Canadian companies to invest in innovation by refunding eligible expenditures in R&D. The SR&ED Program is one of the most attractive incentive programs in the world.

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Our mission

To provide Canadian companies with access to quick, flexible, seamless, and inexpensive capital using a turnkey approach to maximizing and leveraging your investment in innovation.

Our vision

To be the leading source of non-dilutive capital for Canadian companies investing in innovation.

The Problem

However, many Canadian companies fail to utilize this incentive program either because they are unaware of it or lack the resources to maximize the benefit. Moreover, many companies are unaware that they can utilize this program to attract financing to increase and accelerate their investment in innovation. As a result, many early stage companies fail because they are unable to find sufficient funding to develop their products to the point where revenue can be generated and larger amounts of capital from Angels and Venture Capital firms can be secured.

The Fix

Enter Rapid Capital. We offer debt financing to provide you working capital when you file your SR&ED claim so you can maintain or accelerate your growth plans until you receive your refund. Rapid Capital will even finance your eligible accrued SR&ED expenses in advance of your claim. The goal is to provide you with inexpensive, flexible, non-dilutive capital to get you to your next milestone; whether that’s a product launch, a big customer win, or an equity financing at a higher valuation. Finally, if needed, we partner with select SR&ED consultants to help you navigate the application process and maximize the probability and amount that will be refunded. The benefit to you is a bundled solution where you are dealing with one service provider that understands your SR&ED claim and can provide a one-stop financing and consulting solution at lower than market rates.